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PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2009 2:47 am
by Melinda is the social collaboration site for everyone involved in extracurricular school activities!

Connect, share, collaborate, and staying informed with others involved in your activities. Ask a question, answer one, or share an experience, all while meeting others that have your same passion for the activities you are involved in.

Students, connect with other students. Advisers and coaches, network with other advisers and coaches. Professionals, offer your expertise and stay connected with those learning and growing in your industry.

ActivityVine is the brainchild of Melinda Drellack and Jason Weekley, both former educators. Melinda and Jason saw the need to develop a website to connect individuals involved with school activities to improve education by meeting the changing needs of students.

“ is a completely free social collaboration website for everyone involved in school activities,â€