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An Infoscientist having 39 years research on networking ready to launch a new website is looking for an Investor as profit sharing Business Partner

PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 5:30 pm
by infoscientist
100 billion dollar$ worth 39 years Research on Business-Social-People-Networking
\"An explosion of info volcano & revolution is to take place at any next moment on Internet\"

More info at: /url

Huua..?! 100 billion dollar$..?!
Most possibly this would be the 1st reaction of most of People.
Clarification: This figure is an estimate projection of money produced by Internet World Bank and distributed among its shareholders, employees, customers and business associates. If you feel difficulty to believe on it at 1st attempt, you need
to talk or chat at skype.

* No person in the world should be helpless to contact anyone, anytime, anywhere for various needs of their Life & Business. Mr.World Introducer with association of millions of \'Introducers\' will play the role of an \"Introducer\" to every pair of (\'Mr. A\' & \'Mr. B\') strangers of 6.7 billion people.

* No person in the world should feel helpless to say that he is less fortunate to prosper and progress in his Life, because of... (a) \"He is not having needful money and resources\"; or because of... (b) \"The person to whom he is willing to contact is a high profile dignitary\"; or because of... (c) \"Not able to contact with the creator of his fortune (God)\" or because of... (d) \"So many, so many of other reasons\". Now, such difficult situation should not further continue any more! There will be an immediate help & support from millions of \"Online Guides & Helpers\" (Introducers) 7x24x365 available worldwide.

*To create \"World Central Database Hub\" on Internet comprising of every single Person except... (a) Criminals: because they would not like to list themselves; (b) Beggars: and (c) \'Those\' -who still live in remote areas, jungles & villages and world Businesses -where all they can contact to each other anytime, anywhere by their hidden email, hidden telephone or mobile, sms, fax, postal address to produce further progress and happiness in their Life & Business.

8 Big Inventions & Inventors :-
1. Bulb
Thomas Edison
2. Law of universal gravitation
Sir Isaac Newton
3. First Engined Airplane
Orville Wright & Wilbur Wright
4. Computer
Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak
5. Internet & World-Wide-Web
Tim Berners-Lee
6. Diners Credit Card
Frank McNamara
7. Telephone
Alexander Graham Bell
8. Software
Bill Gates
and now...
9. Answer/s, Solution/s and Test-Tube of \'Fortune, Good Luck & Destiny\'
by Infoscientist

Precise statement :-
Frankly speaking... I need a minimum 10 hours or 100 pages to tell the shortest brief of all about. So, it is not anyhow possible to condense & explain the whole content of \"all folders & files in my memory\" here in just few lines.
To experience \'That Total Stock\' you will need to phone, skype or personal visit with me. However, I will try my best to put the precise summary here packed into 9 key points given here below:-

1. Just think for a moment... \"All People in this world becomes statue or sleep for one hour\". What will left behind..? Animals, Birds, Mountains, Sea, Rivers, Jungles and so on. Industries, Businesses and all men-made-activities will completely STOP. So, the fact comes out is... \"This world is running by \'People\' \".

2. Since this world is running by the People, So the very simple yet big question is... \"Where is the database of all People..?\"; \"Where is the database of all Business..??\" \"Where is the database of... ???\" and so on...hundreds of thousand subject !?

3. Questions raised above in point number two, is a polite and sincere warning to President of all Countries\'; World\'s Big Brains & Think Tanks; Internet Leaders; Fortune 500 companies\' CEOs; and every \'She\' & \'He\'.

4. Therefore, I have spent 39 years of my Life to find solutions of and developed a blue print as to how... \"A minimum of 50% (Balance 50% in 2nd & 3rd phase and so on...) of world population & world business database can be produced and networked on Internet in shortest time.

5. The next another big question is... \"Every person in the world has top 5 desires & top 5 problems\". If these top 5 desires of every person are being fulfilled at right time..? If those top 5 problems of every person are being solved at right time..?? We all know better... that the honest & immediate answer to both above questions is...\"NO\". So, with the help of Internet, Telephone, Mobile and all other tools of communication and information resources; We are to find answer of these 5 questions; and solve those 5 problems of every person.

6. I, Nawal Kumar Roongta, An Infoscientist (\'we\' as a company) is/are decided & prepared to be an instrument to produce a minimum of 100 billion dollars to its presenting company and distribute this amount among its shareholders, employees and customers. If, at 1st attempt, it seems impossible and unbelievable, the only simple answer is... \"You need to phone or chat at skype\".

7. I (\'We\' as a company) am decided and prepared to be an instrument to produce more happiness and comfort in the lives of 6.7 billion People with the help of every \'\'She\' & \'He\'. Are you ready..? Most hopefully, I believe your answer is... \'Yes\'. So,
let us discuss.

8. Have question or suggestion..?
*Entrepreneurs, Investors, Software Companies and similar interest People are invited.

Thanks & Warm Regards.

Nawal Kumar Roongta
Internet Research World Group
World Trade Center, Mumbai, India
Skype : Infoscientist
Mobile (Mumbai, India) : + 91 0 9323757275
Landline Phone (Mumbai, India) : + 91( 22)28165324

9. Press Release about Research : Indian Express Free Press Journal Mid-Day Asian Age