MyTempNumber Launch at SNC2009 - Come Meet Us

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MyTempNumber Launch at SNC2009 - Come Meet Us

Postby JimMTN » Mon Jun 08, 2009 7:44 pm

Here we come. We are so excited to see everyone at SNC2009 and hope to stay busy taking meetings and making new partnerships. Take a few seconds to visit our site which is under construction with some last minute updates for our Product Launch at SNC2009. We are a wholesale provider and specialize in white label offers for your subscribers. We have teams of programmers that work with you to inter op. You charge what you want and pay us a very competitive amount for each user that is using the service.

What is MyTempNumber? (VISIT HERE FIRST)

MyTempNumber allows you to have an additional phone number for any one of your current phones. You simply choose a phone number in your desired area and when people call your MyTempNumber we will send the call to the phone that you selected to set up with us. Your current phone service provider and number will not change. We use our network to identify your MyTempNumber and point it in the direction of where it needs to go.

Partners site:

Email us any suggestions, questions or to setup a meeting
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