Free traning on leads and get free auto responder

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Free traning on leads and get free auto responder

Postby DennisPorter » Fri Feb 13, 2009 7:50 pm

Hi Dennis here, most people call me Denny. I am a 58 yrs. And a Independent Business Owner (IBO) in Torrance, Calif. I retried from the oil fields in 1994 after 25 yrs. of service. I have lived in 42 countries in my life time and seen the good & bad, mostly good thank God. Yes, my dad was in the Service. Now, I enjoy fishing in our great streams, and late next year I will be moving into my log cabin. I love going to see a good movie and take a good walk on the beach or just reading a good book, before going to bed.

Use these tips and you will be well on your way to building a full time income even with limited time available to you. Much of the original content for this article came from an article I read and enjoyed some time ago from Justin Frankenstein. Article Source: [] ... nnisporter

My only goal is to help others, so they can fill their dreams and help other too. I recently, began pursuing work from home business opportunities. (Which there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of?) lol. But that\'s another story.

Create Your Personal System for Generating Leads -

I have found the biggest challenge with not having a lot of time to work my business is not having time to generate or connect with leads. If you have a system for generating leads, then you will have more people to connect with on your time schedule. Try to make it a habit to connect on a personal basis with the people who you come in contact with during the day. Not to pitch them on your opportunity now; but to contact them later to see if they are open. If you don’t meet people every day, you may have better luck with Article Marketing, Social Networking, Safe lists or any of the dozens of other methods to generate new leads. There are MANY ways to meet people. The goal is to find people who are looking for opportunity who you make a connection with.

It wasn\'t until I was facing serious \"Marketer\'s Burnout\" (what I call it) before I decided, to narrow my options down to just Three. Three businesses that I could truly feel good about, and disregard all of the emails that found their way into my inbox, claiming they had \"The answer\", \"The Product\", even knew my Name. lol. I\'m sure most have experienced the same.

One day I received a e-mail from a my friend (Ricker), he told me about Troy Miller. He was giving away a 7 day training course on how to build a business. I must say one thing this does work. And this will work for any business in mind, before you spent one dime. So, I figure what I had to lose; it was a free sign up so I did. I was very impressed with Troy, and it did not cost you an arm and a leg. In fact he was saving me money on all my leads & auto responder. If you want to grow your business and most of all save you money this is a must for you. Go to ... nnisporter

If you want to know more about my own home base businesses, I will more than glad in showing you. I just wanted to let people know about that great web site. The ball is in your now.

P.S. Don\'t get creative--Don\'t try to reinvent the Business - Direct Marketing is a business of repetition. Most time that is wasted is spent on working on \"creative\" ideas. Leave the creativity to the people who have more time to invest. (This is the hardest one for me to follow---how about you?).

Have a Great & Blessed Day!

Dennis Porter
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