Fantastic video social site yours for FREE

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Fantastic video social site yours for FREE

Postby rockgold » Sat Jan 17, 2009 5:19 pm

Using social networking to gain leads?

Have you heard of the biggest thing on the internet today? IT\'S VidEngage.COM! is a social networking site being integrated with VIDEO to create amazing applications. Video dating, video resumes and video conferencing are only three...

But what\'s the \"clincher\"? VidEngage has an incredible affiliate marketing program that pays commissions for signups for people actively marketing the site. With our 5x8 \"SUPER MATRIX\", affiliates are paid 8 levels deep, and generate substantial overrides on their downline. Check out the compensation program here! combines top online industries to make you money!

1. Social Networking - Growing 89%/yr, expected to double in the next 2 years! (Imagine being the first person in MySpace and then getting paid on marketing and sponsoring the huge numbers of new members that followed!)

2. Online Dating. This is a HUGE online industry too, with over 35 million users. But what happens when you combine with YouTube?\'s called VidEngage.COM

3. Online Job Boards... Ever try to stand-out by posting a text based resume on Monster or HotJobs? Tell your friends to use VidEngage to host their video based resumes....and see the offers pour in!

4. The Internet Home Business Industry - Absolutely Huge! VidEngage lets you build a downline of over 450,000 people. Get paid overrides on customer purchases on all these products. And if you consider how many people will use VidEngage that you can get paid on....well, you can be in Doctor or Lawyer income territory for sure....

Now you know the basics,
Sign-up NOW and make sure you and your friends are with us for the opportunity of a lifetime!

Meet you on the inside!

Rocky McDaniel
Get your leads and marketing training here in 2009
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