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Postby lizital » Sun Dec 30, 2007 2:43 pm is a revolutionary social people search engine that allows people to search for their soul mate or new friends in social networks and dating web sites. Our complex algorithms crawl semi-structured data from multiple social networks and online dating sites.
Copenda uniquely integrates an innovative user interface with dating site features such as personality search and social network features such as ranking, comments and tagging. Copenda will become the portal into social networking sites, because it adds rich user experience and cross-site functionality on top of data from the individual sites.

We are looking for partners in the following areas:
1. Social networks and dating sites that want to be added to our search engine
2.Technology partners : mobile etc
3.Affiliation partners who want to have a niche web site with our search capabilities, for example : gay, Miami singles etc.

Please contact me:
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