Which Facebook App Is Making A Million Dollars A Month?

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Which Facebook App Is Making A Million Dollars A Month?

Postby snwmark » Mon Aug 25, 2008 6:36 pm

TECH CRUNCH -- Aug 25 -- A Facebook ad network that is able to get effective CPMs of ~50c, has only paid out a little more than $8m total to application developers since it launched a year ago. Yet AllFacebook claims: one developer is generating over $1m a month. I\'ve heard this million-dollar-a-month claim before. It came from Anu Shukla, the CEO of Offerpal Media, a lead generation network for Facebook apps that gives users a way to earn virtual currency by looking at an ad and completing an action. According to Shukla, about 200 apps on Facebook and elsewhere are tying their virtual currency to Offerpal and that "there are publishers earning up to $1m a month with a single app." Friends For Sale! is one of them. This app lets you "buy and sell your friends as pets" and includes a virtual gift shop as well. It boasts 4.5m monthly active users, making it one of the biggest apps on Facebook.


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