Web 2.0 goes local

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Web 2.0 goes local

Postby zeeshan » Mon Mar 17, 2008 8:44 am

Websites like myspace and facebook have allowed people to connect and stay in touch with people that they already know, perhaps even make friends with people that they don\'t know. Most social newtoking sites are generally broad and have little local relevance. Not everyone is a teenager or college student wanting to keep in touch with their friends. A lot of people would like to meet people in their own local area and businesses would be more than happy to market their services to the people that are situated around them. Community centers, restaurants, salons, movie theaters, bars, coffee shops and the myriad of local businesses and comminity programs that operate here in the lower mainland need a way to connect directly to those people who are around them.

FUZGO beta, is releasing a new localized social networking utility. Fuzgo?s main feature allows users to connect to their neighbors through its mapping interface. It aims to create real neighborhoods online.

Through Fuzgo, users can not only create personal and business profiles, they will soon have the option of creating online video ads to promote their businesses. Online videos ads will provide small businesses the ability to target their video advertising to people who are most likely to visit them.


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