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Turn-key cms available

Postby David Rees » Mon Jun 30, 2008 11:58 pm

I work for a small company called CreativeAuthority. We have developed a fairly robust .Net application that allows for the quick deployment of template-based websites. The application (called Zabbadu and promoted through www.onesecondsite.com) allows users to create a new site with pre-populated content in about 30 seconds. A sub-domain is automatically generated as the URL for the site. The backend currently supports a 30-day free trial after which the user must use PayPal to make the site permanent (this can all be controlled or turned on/off). The existing format offers a variety of graphic templates and allows you to easily control the pre-populated content (so you can easily customize the default site content). The content for each site may then be edited through a very easy to use CMS. Users have the option to point their own domain name at the site (in place of the automatically generated subdomain). Some of the approaches for marketing the product include:

Sell to niche markets for quick deployment of websites with pre-populated content for niche-markets (hairstylists, small businesses, weddings etc).
Sell/license to a hosting service that wants to offer a turn-key solution for content management and quick website deployment.
Sell/license to someone who hosts conventions or conferences and wants to offer quick deployment of temporary websites with pre-populated content.
Present OneSecondSite technology as a unified Social Networking site by adding an interface to the front-end which links to all the sub-domain sites (similar to Facebook or mySpace).

At this stage we are actively seeking users who might be interested in utilizing this technology. OneSecondSite uses the very latest .Net technology. It is very flexible. It allows for very quick deployment of sub-domain-based websites and a very easy-to-use CMS. The template interface can be easily adjusted to match any graphical appearance, and modules can be added as desired (photo-gallery, discussion boards etc) although they are not presently. Please visit OneSecondSite.com to demo the CMS and sub-domain deployment and contact us if you have any questions or interest regarding the application.

Contact meveritt@creativeauthority.com with questions
David Rees

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