Software for social network analysis.

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Software for social network analysis.

Postby » Thu Nov 08, 2007 9:46 am

I am working on a project for mobile applications at Aveiro?s University. I would like to use software for social networks analysis to measure certain parameters in the network that is formed on the use of a product that we are creating ... I never worked with this type of software. I do not know if in this conference you talked about this kind of things, but if you do, I hope you could send me an email with papers or something like that?
I saw the video that you publish on the internet, and I am Curious about a thing that I saw on it, it was a boy using a hat with a video camera? this was for testing a mobile application?
With all the experience that you have in this subject I would like you to recommend me some software for analysing social networks.
I really hope that you could give a little help.
Melissa Saraiva.
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