Mergers and Acquisitions to be discussed at SNC Miami

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Mergers and Acquisitions to be discussed at SNC Miami

Postby yorktown » Sun Dec 21, 2008 8:44 pm

Some executives that I know are \'chomping at the bit\' seeking the purchase some of the social networking sites that have recently seen financial turmoil. Venture Capital has all but dried up and advertising rates have rapidly declined, thus challenging these companies fiscally.

Some Fortune 500 firms have also expressed to me an enormous buyout opportunity exists for them to purchase at what would at first glance appear to be \'pennies on the dollar.\'

Towards that end, we have David Bates (Attorney at Law at Gunster Yoakley) to speak at the conference on Mergers and Acquisitions of Social Networking Firms. He is speaking in the Social Networking Agenda on January 22 at 3:30 PM. He is accompanied by Cotter Cunningham of Mr. Cotter was a former COO at Bankrate earlier this year, so he is well versed on M&A.

The presentation will discuss how to properly valuate an SN firm in the current market. Also, it will cover the strategization of an M&A deal for such a takeover.

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