Meet Facebook\'s New COO

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Meet Facebook\'s New COO

Postby snwmark » Mon Apr 14, 2008 4:01 pm

CNN MONEY -- Apr 12 -- Sheryl Sandberg has held high-profile jobs at the World Bank, the Treasury Department and Google. Her latest challenge? Making Facebook as profitable as it is popular. Over the past four years, Zuckerberg has built Facebook into a 550-person business. A Microsoft investment has valued the company at $15 billion. The number of visitors to the site jumped 300% to 100m in Feb, up from 24.8m in Feb 2007. No one has figured out how to make real money off it. Facebook pulled in revenues of just $150m in 2007. As VP global online sales and operations at Google, Sandberg built the operations to support Google\'s international strategy, and she ran its lucrative AdWords program. At Facebook, she\'s in charge of expanding operations, revenue and international reach. She\'s also responsible for sales, business development, public policy and communication. Sandberg also hopes Facebook will figure out new advertising models for social networks.


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