LoopDesk.com B2B Networking! Premium access 2.50/month!

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LoopDesk.com B2B Networking! Premium access 2.50/month!

Postby loopdesk » Fri Oct 30, 2009 8:48 pm


ONE MEMBERSHIP LEVEL, ONE LOW PRICE. Unlimited access to all of our features including: Profile branding, unlimited messaging and unlimited connections. Only $2.50/month.

We have members in 18 countries and all US states and would be a great resource for your local networking group as many members use LoopDesk to recruit for their local groups!

LoopDesk is an Online Business to Business Networking site where members connect at the highest executive level.

Generate a local, national, and global business reputation for any size business!

Great tool to complete your networking/social media marketing strategy.

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