Facebook in the news related to a Murder

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Facebook in the news related to a Murder

Postby yorktown » Sun Jan 06, 2008 9:47 pm

A 15 year old girl in Ontario was recently killed in 2008. She had a profile on facebook and so did the suspects. As the individuals are below 18, Canada law forbids the names to be publicly disseminated. According to the The Globe and Mail and the Edmonton Sun, the names are disseminated on Facebook.

More woes for the legal community.

Also, more bad press relating to SN and violent crime.

A word of caution to the industry.....Attorney Generals are now looking closely at SN sites. The Microsoft deal for $250 Million woke them up to seeing MySpace as a huge target for fines related to these kind of activities.

The industry really needs to get together from a PR perspective or a \"Protect the Children Act\" may end up in a State Legislature for vote during an election season.

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