Facebook Plays Privacy Card Against Seppukoo, Suicide Machine

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Facebook Plays Privacy Card Against Seppukoo, Suicide Machine

Postby snwmark » Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:17 pm

THE DAILY ONLINE EXAMINER - Jan 4 - Seppukoo.com drew attention late last year after launching a campaign to convince people to commit Facebook suicide. Wannabe ex-Facebook members can provide Seppukoo.com with their names and passwords and Seppukoo then not only deactivates their profiles, but also creates a \"memorial\" page that it sends to users\' former Facebook friends. Facebook evidently isn\'t happy about this development and is complaining that users who provide log-in data are violating Facebook\'s terms of service. Facebook also alleges that the scraping of its data violates a host of laws, including an anti-hacking law, the federal spam law and the copyright statute. Meantime, Facebook is now blocking the IP address of Suicide Machine, which helps people quit social networks by unfriending their contacts.


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