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Apple and Social Networking

Postby yorktown » Wed Dec 12, 2007 6:06 am

In a recent article in Marketing Pilgrim, Andy Beal rips apart Apple company when it comes to social networking.

I have to differ in opinion here. Their Mac OSX Leopard is a major step in the direction of social networking.

Take a look at their Guided Tour of the new OSX Leopard system. This is a really good video to watch. (If you\'ve never seen what the latest and greatest Apple software can do, I highly recommend this one). About 40 minutes into the video they start showing how Social Networking is BUILT INTO THE OS. Although its designed for file sharing, this is a first step in a major direction of the company.

If Microsoft follows suit (they usually do) and places SN software in the Windows Operating system, then watch out! Those with web based businesses will have serious competition to contend with. These two powerhouses could wreak havoc in the Social Networking marketplace. If I was a CEO of a SN site, I would keep a careful eye on both companies and what they plan to do with their future OS for Social Networking and Social Media.

That\'s why I disagree with Beal. Apple and Microsoft\'s strength is the OS. SN will come for them later. They have time. Automatically and overnight, they could become major players in the SN market.

From where I an FYI: Microsoft usually sends 2-3 executives to the Social Networking Conferences, so they are paying attention to the subject. Apple has yet to attend a Social Networking Conference.

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