A new way of dating WWW.CUPIDSXFACTORS.COM

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A new way of dating WWW.CUPIDSXFACTORS.COM

Postby Ralph Castillo » Wed Jan 30, 2008 5:54 am

Cupid\'s X Factors concepts are based upon the life experiences and ideologies of their founders, husband and wife of 12 years, Ralph and Alida Castillo. After seeing the overwhelmingly positive results from their friends and family members who had taken their advise they decided to create this website and write a book entitled \"Cupid\'s X Factors.\" The website will be readily available in the beginning of 2008, while the book will be available shortly thereafter in June of 2008. Their purpose is to help others find and improve themselves, and ultimately, to link them up with that \"special someone\" that is perfect for them.

CUPIDSXFACTORS.COM is a premier online dating service for serious-minded singles, who are seeking long-term relationships. This site appeals to a broad range of men and women, who are searching for an affordable, romantic, and effective method of Internet matchmaking that provides quality results. CUPIDSXFACTORS.COM relies on a unique (patent pending) matching process that is simple, yet effective ? ten key predictive factors are used to self-evaluate members, who can then compare their scores within a defined range to assess the likelihood of relational compatibility and long-term happiness.

Our goal is to provide each member with the correct tools needed towards building a successful long-term relationship and help them in every step of the way creating a strong foundation.
It\'s that simple.

Founder and CEO of Soul Overhaul Corp. Ralph Castillo will be in attendance at the Social Networking Industry Conference (Miami Feb 2008) and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Ralph Castillo
Founder / CEO
Soul Overhaul Corp.
Ralph Castillo

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