Many \'Friends\' To Be Made Online, But What About $$?

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Many \'Friends\' To Be Made Online, But What About $$?

Postby snwmark » Tue Jul 29, 2008 7:13 pm

THE CS MONITOR -- July 25 -- MySpace claims 73m users in the U.S. and Facebook has 37m, according to ComScore. "It\'s been a huge disconnect between traffic to SNS and revenue," says Debra Williamson, an analyst for eMarketer. "People are not particularly interested in clicking on the ads," says Mr. Brooks, who as editor of has followed the online industry for a decade. "Advertising needs to evolve, and social networks are forcing this change. People are really tired of being assaulted by ads, but they still love to buy." Two social network sites in Asia ?, with 300m users in China, and, in South Korea ? promote the buying and sending of on-screen items thatccan decorate a user\'s own home page or be sent as a gift to a friend. "It seems to be a distinctly Asian concept," Brooks says. Other ideascinclude selling online games or charging for different levels of accesscto a site.


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