Imeem Makes Its Own Platform Play For Music Apps

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Imeem Makes Its Own Platform Play For Music Apps

Postby snwmark » Tue Mar 25, 2008 4:06 pm

TECHCRUNCH -- Mar 24 -- Imeem, the music social network, is releasing its own software development kit for programmers to create applications on imeem. Developers will be able to tap into imeem\'s fully licensed library of songs and create their own music apps. Imeem\'s media player, music search, recommendation engine, member profile data, contacts, playlists, videos and photos will also be exposed in the APIs. Here is the full list of the imeem Media Platform\'s capabilities:
* Access any music, videos, and photos available on imeem
* Fully customize the imeem media player
* Upload music, video or photos, and modify metadata for that content
* Access imeem\'s social graph, including users, friends, and associated profile data
* Create, edit, and manage new playlists, or access millions of music, video and photo playlists created by imeem users
* Search imeem\'s media content by keyword, artist, song title, or album name
* Ability to favorite media and playlists back to the user\'s profile
* Access imeem\'s recommendation engine and discovery tools


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