More Firms Create Own Social Networks

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More Firms Create Own Social Networks

Postby snwmark » Tue Feb 19, 2008 6:11 pm

WSJ -- Feb 19 -- Jerry Sheer, chief executive of Sparta Social
, builds social networks for big companies, and talks about
their appeal.

Q: Why would a company not in the tech business create a social network?

A: Companies are trying to learn from the customers and develop a closer relationship with them.

Q: But sometimes customers might be bad-mouthing the company. Why would a company want to provide a platform for that to happen?

A: Most companies would much rather have that information under their
own control, as opposed to being in some group bashing them in

Q: What actual examples are there?
Hearst-Argyle Television has Playbook. It\'s a niche Facebook-like
product, a high-school sports platform where kids can upload video,
talk about games, trash talk kids from other schools, and more.

Q: What does it cost to build a social network?
A: A highly customized social network can run between six and seven figures.

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